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Environmental Law Reporter (ELR)

About the ELRs

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The ELR is a fast response legal reporter dealing with Australian courts and tribunals in areas of planning, local government and environmental law and covers prosecution, civil enforcement, planning appeals and some compensation and resumption appeals with associated topics.

The reports in the ELR consist of case summaries identifying the essential facts and important matters held by the court. The ELR is issued once every two to three weeks and more often when there are a multitude of decisions the editor identifies worthy of publication.

The fast response ELR appeals to legal practitioners, planners, council officers, judicial officers and other professionals who needed introduction to recent decisions which advance the law or make comment on the operation of the law as it affects local councils planning both local and state-wide and occasionally national environmental issues.

The reporting team consists of generally lawyers practising in local government planning and valuation fields.

The ELR features:
  • Hard copy sent to subscribers.
  • Availability online to subscribers to search and find recent cases.
  • Access online to older editions by EPLA members.
  • Articles and editorial comment on recent cases in local government planning and environmental law.
  • Annual index.
  • Up to date information on cases every couple of weeks.
  • Case summaries from the New South Wales Land and Environment Court and other national courts and tribunals.
  • Reporting on decisions of state courts of appeal and the High Court in the areas of local government planning and environmental law.

Access the ELRs

Subscribe to gain access to the ELRs.

  • ELR Subscribers are able to access the entire ELR library of reports, including the most recent reports.
  • EPLA Members are able to access the back editions of the ELR library (ie. editions more than 6 months old).
The current online ELR database dates back to 1999 however over time earlier editions will become available.

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