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6 July 2017: Department of Planning and Environment news

Fire Safety Regulation Reform

The Environmental Planning Assessment Amendment (Fire Safety and Building Certification) Regulation 2017 has been published and will come into effect on 1 October 2017. 

These are important reforms that will improve fire safety in new and existing buildings.

The amendments introduce new requirements affecting the design, approval, construction and maintenance of fire safety measures.

The fire safety reforms have been developed in consultation with key stakeholders and represent a critical first step towards strengthening the NSW building regulation and certification system, that will integrate with future reforms. They form part of the Government response to the independent review of the Building Professionals Act 2005, known as the ’Lambert Review’.

As part of delivering the fire safety reforms, the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation is developing a framework for recognising industry schemes that will, in the future, enable accreditation of competent fire safety practitioners.

In addition, the Department of Planning and Environment is developing interim advice for certifiers and building owners. This advice will help certifiers and building owners to determine the competency of the fire safety practitioner to endorse fire safety designs or undertake assessment work until practitioners are accredited.

Further information and a copy of the regulation can be accessed here under ‘fire safety regulation reform’


Elizabeth Kinkade

Acting Deputy Secretary

Planning Policy, Strategy & Governance

Department of Planning and Environment


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