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20 July 2016: Land and Environment Court news

The Court is now on the NSW Court List Search

Details of future listings in the Land and Environment Court up to 3 weeks away are now accessible to the public using the NSW Online Registry Court List Search

Although details of all future listings in individual cases in the Court were already available to parties using the secure services within Online Registry, the Court List Search enables parties, legal representatives, witnesses and members of the public alike to view listing information up to 3 weeks in advance and past listings up to 1 week ago.

The iOS and Android Apps will be updated over the next month, allowing users of the App to view LEC listings as well as listings in other courts.

The Court will still publish a daily court list at 3:30pm so that multiple listings in Directions Hearing Lists are given a list number and/or are updated with a 'not before' time.




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