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2 February 2018: Department of Planning and Environment news

Update on the Commencement of the new EP&A Act

As you are aware, the commencement of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 is scheduled for 1 March 2018, which is fast approaching.

The government is commencing the new features and obligations of the Act in a staged manner, to ensure a smooth transition to the new measures and provide time for councils, communities, industry and practitioners to understand and prepare for the new requirements.

The Department’s website has been updated to provide estimated commencement timeframes for the new measures. It also includes an unofficial consolidated version of the updated EP&A Act which is for information purposes and provides an initial look at the new Act.

Additionally, a list has been prepared of the most commonly used sections of the Act that reflects the new numbering system. This list will assist users of the planning system in updating their forms and templates.

If you have other questions, contact the Legislative Updates Team


Kind regards

Alison Frame

Deputy Secretary Planning Policy, Strategy and Governance

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