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21 August 2018: Land and Environment Court news


The Chief Judge is pleased to announce that the Land and Environment Court of NSW has been awarded “Courts and Tribunals – ADR Group of the Year” at the prestigious Australian Disputes Centre ADR Awards 2018.

The Australian Disputes Centre was first established in 1986 by the then NSW Attorney General, the Honourable Justice Terry Sheahan and the Honourable Sir Laurence Street, Chief Justice of the NSW Supreme Court,  and is now dedicated to advancing alternative dispute resolution across Australia and internationally to deliver benefits of world class alternative dispute resolution to businesses, professionals, governments and communities.

This award from the Australian Disputes Centre recognises the wide range of reforms that have been undertaken by the Court so as to be able to provide a range of dispute resolution processes to parties which it matches to the individual dispute and disputants.

This approach is unique in NSW to the Land and Environment Court.

Alternative dispute resolution procedures have now been embedded in the Court’s practices, processes and procedures and this has resulted in a shift of the culture of the Court from being highly litigious and adversarial to conciliatory.

The outstanding success of the Land and Environment Court’s alternative dispute resolution processes, the value it provide to the community and the benefits to the parties of providing individualised justice are demonstrated by the year on year increase in the number of matters that continue to be filed in the Court and number of matter that are conciliated and resolved prior to any hearing.

The Court is proud to receive this award and to have its leadership in the practice of alternative dispute resolution recognised.


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