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6 October 2020: Land and Environment Court news

Notices of Motion Before the Registrar

The Court's use of of Online Court is expanding to include the adjudication of Notices of Motion that are listed for return before the Registrar.

The default mode of listing of a Notice of Motion in Classes 1 and 2 will remain by telephone before the Registrar. However, parties can request to have a Notice of Motion listed for adjudication using Online Court or other means (by Teams or in person) if considered appropriate and in accordance with the Court's COVID-19 Pandemic Arrangements Policy.

Parties can request an alternative mode for the listing of Notice of Motion by:

  1. indicating the preferred mode of listing on the Notice of Motion (if not the default);
  2. submitting an Online Court request; or
  3. requesting an adjournment to an alternative mode of listing at the return of the Notice of Motion before the Registrar.


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